Tokyo city sites and travel guide from Expedia

Tokyo has so much to see and do, it is almost impossible to present a good overview of all of the sites … Expedia does a good job at starting the introduction.  Watch the above video published by Expedia and you will get a slight flavor for what this magnificent city has to offer a tourist.  That said, Tokyo is made up of numerous smaller (although still large in their own right) cities that have their own unique attributes.

Tokyo Tops Among Global Travelers

… according to TripAdvisor World City Survey.  Second annual Cities Survey results were announced in May 2014.

Tokyo First Place

Best Overall Experience
Helpful Locals
Best taxi services
Cleanest streets
Best public transportation

Tokyo Second Place

Friendlest taxi drivers
comfort traveling alone

Tokyo Third Place

Best restaurants (behind NYC and Cape Town)
Best for Nightlife (behind NYC and London)

Tokyo has the world’s largest metropolitan area by population according to an Wikipedia article, with an area population of over 36 million.  That’s a lot of people packed into a relatively small space.  But the Japanese people have done an excellent job in building beautifully clean, well organized, hospitable mega city.

The Expedia video gives a short overview of many areas around Tokyo, including:

Take a walk through Sensoji Temple area in Asakusa

Ueno park

A fashion trendy city for the young and young at heart, Harajuku is also home to the beautiful Yoyogi Park and the Meiji Shrine

Known as the shopping and entertainment area of young Tokyoites.
Check out a walk through video of Shibuya and Harajuku

Shopping and eating

Tokyo premier business district

Electronics and gaming meca

Dinning and entertainment
While in Shinjuku you might want to check out the Robot Restaurant which is popular with tourists, or for another unique experience try your luck catching and then eating the fish of your choice at Zauo Restaurant.