Sensoji Temple in Asakusa Tokyo – Walking Tour

Located in Asakusa, Tokyo, the Buddhist temple Senso-ji was completed in the year 645 and is Tokyo’s oldest temple.
Most always it is full of both Japanese and foreign tourists enjoying the sight of the massive entrance gate and the shopping street leading up to the temple.

Asakusa Sensoji temple gate

At the entrance to the temple is the Kaminarimon or “Thunder Gate” which features a massive paper lantern painted in red-and-black tones to suggest thunderclouds and lightning. Beyond the entrance gate you will step into Nakamise-dori, the shopping street that leads up to the temple. With around 89 shops and a approximate length of 250 meters, it is lined with small shops selling souvenirs ranging from fans, ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), kimono and other robes, Buddhist scrolls, traditional sweets, to Godzilla toys, t-shirts and mobile phone straps. Always lots to see and enjoy along this 250 meter stroll.

Sensoji shopping street

After Nakamise-dori you will arrive at Hōzōmon or “Treasure House Gate” which provides the entrance to the inner complex. Within the precincts stand a stately five-story pagoda and the main hall, devoted to Kannon.

Sensō-ji is the focus of Tokyo’s largest and most popular festival, Sanja Matsuri. This takes place over 3–4 days in late spring, and sees the surrounding streets closed to traffic from dawn until late evening.

For a tour around Asakusa, catch an authentic rickshaw ride in front of the entrance.
Sensoji entrance Geisha Rickshaw

Location of Sensoji

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