Japan toilets – the world’s coolest most high-tech

As part of any Japan travel adventure you must take the opportunity to check out the high-tech toilets in use throughout the country.
This might sound funny or strange, but Japan toilets are soooo cool !
Not the “Japanese style” squat toilets, but the “Western style” electronic wonders that will do almost everything for you but your bowel movement.  They will heat the toilet seat for you to make you comfortable before you get started with your “business,” they will wash you clean after you are done, and finally then even blow air to dry you … talk about service !
A great experience !
Check out above the popular Japan YouTuber ‘Only In Japan’ as he takes a closer look at these wonderful toilets of Japan.

Here is an up-close look at electronic control panels seen on some of these high tech wonders.
Japan toilet control panel
Image: Chris 73  CC BY-SA 3.0

Best of the Best

Want to give your bottom the best treatment available?  Toto, the master of Japan toilet manufacturers, has built the ultimate toilet, the Neorest 750H, which sells for a around a nice hefty $5,000.  Here is the device in action …

If you can afford the Neorest 750H you can enjoy such features as:

  • Tornado Flush siphon jet flushing system
  • UV light cleaning system
  • Washlet with three wash modes (front, rear, soft)
  • Oscillating and pulsing comfort washing
  • Automatic air purifying system
  • Adjustable heated seat
  • Adjustable spray position
  • Multi-functional remote control
    WOW !!!

And of course, you still have the common squat type toilet that many Japanese still prefer … especially in pubic areas where you may not want your bottom touching the seat.
With these you don’t have to worry about any germs potentially getting transferred to your behind … but for westerners not used to squatting to do your “duty,” it can be a bit of a challenge from the perspective of balance, flexibility, and leg endurance.
On the plus side, most public facilities in the big cities now offer both options for your preference.
That said, you might want to do some leg strength and stretch exercises before your next adventure to more remote areas where your only option may be the squat type toilet.

Here is a typical squat type of toilet found in public facilities
Japan squat type toilet
Image: 浪速丹治  CC BY-SA 3.0

Have a Japanese toilet experience you would like to share?  Tell us!


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