Crazy Bizarre Tokyo Theme Restaurant Alcatraz E.R.

Looking for a crazy, bizarre experience in Tokyo. You might want to check out the weird, strange Shibuya Prison Hospital: Alcatraz E.R. restaurant for a strange eating experience.
No kids allowed, this is an adult experience.
Featured in CNN Travel “Tokyo’s 5 strangest theme restaurants” this is not your usual “gourmet” experience but more of a “gory” experience.
In the above video, let the SoloTravelBlog team take you through a experience of visiting Alcatraz E.R.

The layout of the restaurant
Tokyo theme restaurant Alcatraz


Tokyo theme restaurant Alcatraz ER
Images/Video: Alcatraz ER and YouTube/SoloTravelBlog
Everyone having fun !!!???


Sample the drink menu … weird!!
Alcatraz ER Drink Menu

Contact Information
Address: Harvest 2F, Dogennzaka 2-13-5, Shibuya, Tokyo
TEL : 03-3770-7100

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